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BlackTeevee Answers The Call For Under-representation Of Black Media

According to Horowitz Research, despite strides made around diversity in media in recent years, representation of Blacks in media has a long way to go on television.

Black people and individuals of African descent frustrated with the lack of black focused content in the mainstream media, will now have access to their very own black TV content with the launch of BlackTeevee -a multifaceted streaming platform for Black African, Black American, Black Caribbean and people of African descent. According a 2013 Nielsen report, black people are more aggressive consumers of media. Even though research shows that black people watch and engage with television more than white audiences, they are underrepresented by six to one in broadcast scripted leads.

Touted as the ‘one stop platform for black excellences’, BlackTeevee is a new digital platform set to flip the script. BlackTeevee delivers dynamic black media and entertainment content from TV shows and films to music playlists and reviews.  Guided by their mission to deliver intelligent, informative and educational and inspiring content, viewers can expect nothing but crème de la crème in black TV content.

BlackTeevee launched on March 30, 2020 with almost 10 hours of ‘BlackTeevee CREATIVES’ (an original in-house production specifically for Black Watchers) featuring reviews of TV shows, music playlist, movie spoilers and sport highlights mostly targeted at the millennials. But BlackTeevee is not just for viewers, it also provides an online vlogging platform that curates black focused entertainment news all round the world to eradicate the underrepresentation, misconception and stereotypical news of Blacks in the media for the unborn generation through her YouTube channel.  

Serial entrepreneur Adelanke Ologbenla, is the mastermind behind BlackTeevee.  

Explaining the motivation for creating the platform, Ologbenla said: “Part of the plan for Vibez brand in 2005 was to have a TV program but as time goes on in any business you pivot and re-brand. I realised that online media is the sustainable solution to any business idea in the entertainment industry, that’s how I arrived at the name BlackTeevee and started putting down my ideas into the books in 2018 to create a self-sustainable and disruptive media company that will showcase excellence and represents people of African descent globally.” 

L – King Wasiu Ayinde Marshal (Nigerian musician who popularized the brand of the fuji genre, a local music genre played at most African’s traditional ceremonies) with R – Adelanke Ologbenla (Founder of Vibez Entertainment and BlackTeevee Media Networks)

But what makes BlackTeevee different from all the existing and new online streaming networks popping up all over the web? Well, the company has a unique strategy that position it has as an entertainment content curator in a niche market, a brand that specifically showcases black excellence. The streaming platform will also feature mostly African or above the line black casts short films and web series for trial members free. Individuals can create free accounts and access few contents for free or subscribe to the platform for a low fee of $4.99 premium monthly subscription with a 7-day free trial period.

The value that BlackTeevee offer is to represent all people of Africa, the culture and promote talents that the world associate with termed ‘black excellence’

BlackTeevee streaming will be accessible via a mobile compatible streaming option in the initial stages; however, plans are afoot to launch iOS and Android apps for a download and watch to further facilitate binge watching on the move within weeks of launch.

For further information or to start watching for free visit: 

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